2020 activities Dr. Peter Buser

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Summer 2020

Shooting of 40 minutes-film according to Peter Buser-Script about Franz Liszt "A Genius between two Worlds". See trailer. Fancy Story about the creation of "Au Lac de Wallenstadt", often played Piece for Piano making part of "Années de Pélerinage".

Summer 2020

Tele Buser: In Collaboration with Professor Urs Andreas Sommer Dr. Peter Buser holds lecture at the Universität Freiburg i. Br.

December 2020

Probably World Premiere of Johanna Doderer, Klavierkonzert in As-Dur, dedicated to Peter Buser, the latter playing the Cadenzas. Doderer uses as Themes Buser's Piano Pieces "Feuille d'Album pour Bombom", "Afterwork Happiness" and "Heimatvogel".

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