2019 Activities Dr. Peter Buser


December 2019

Greek Television: Reportage about Peter Buser participating in Molyvos Festival on Lesbos.

December 2019

Chamber Music and Lyrics with Danae Dörken, Peter Buser and Yury Revich on Sky Classica.

7th December 2019, Aula Universität Basel, 13.00

Philosophical Symposium "Ein Spielzeug sei das Weib dem Manne". Participating: Dr. Svenja Flasspöhler, Dr. Thea Dorn, Prof. Barbara Vinken, Prof. Alice Lagaay, Dr. Catherine Newmark, Danae Dörken, Martin Walser, Prof. Volker Gerhardt, Prof. Urs Andreas Sommer, Prof. Philipp Hübl, Dr. Peter Buser, Dr. Matthias Politicki.

February 2020

Peter Buser participates with recitation of poems in UNICEF Gala in Vienna.

Spring 2020

Tournage of film about Franz Liszt "A genius between two worlds". Ca. 40 minutes according to existing script.

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