2020 activities Dr. Peter Buser

27th January 2020

Chamber Music and Lyrics with Danae Dörken, Peter Buser and Yury Revich on Sky Classica.

February 2020

Tele Buser (New!): Reportage about Peter Buser participating in Molyvos Festival on Lesbos. With Danae Dörken.

22th February 2020

Tele Buser: Dr. Peter Buser is talking with a well-known person from the erotic scene. Name: ...é ...s.

25th February 2020

Peter Buser participates with recitation of poems and interpretation of Mozart Violin Sonata KV 296 in UNICEF Gala in Vienna. Participating Christiane Hörbiger.

March 2020

Tele Buser: Talk-Show with Dr. Peter Buser, Elias Meier and Jana Kiprovskij about aperçu 424 from "Menschliches, Allzumenschliches" by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Spring 2020

Tournage of film about Franz Liszt "A genius between two worlds". Ca. 40 minutes according to existing script.

31th May 2020

Peter Buser participates in UNICEF Gala in Collosseum Rome with Sophia Loren.

December 2020

Conlydra Davos 2020  (during Spengler Cup). Probably World premiere of Johanna Doderer Klavierkonzert in As-Dur, dedicated to Dr. Peter Buser. Peter Buser playing the Cadenzas.

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