Peter Buser was born on 27 January 1937 in Trimbach (SO), Switzerland.


After an education at the teacher seminar Solothurn he taught as a primary teacher. He obtained the Solothurn district teacher diploma. At the age of 23 he turned away from teaching and studied Romance and General Linguistics at the University of Bern. In 1971 he earned his doctorate in semasiology (teaching of the meaning of words) and was awarded the title "summa cum laude" for his 578-page dissertation.


In 1974 Buser acquired the licence as a securities trader for the Canton of Zurich.

You can find detailed information in his autobiography: "I was a bank. And worse"

In addition to his work as an asset manager for institutions and wealthy private clients, Peter Buser is a poet, writer, organiser of classical concerts ("Conlydras") and patron. He also appears as an actor and pianist.


Inform yourself about his publications in the chapter "Books & Poems".

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