Res Ubique Foundation

Dr. Peter Buser founded his Res Ubique Foundation on September 10, 2018 to support cultural activities and development aid.


The foundation aims to promote projects in the fields of philosophy, art, art education, literature and music as well as to support the activities of artists, philosophers and authors, cultural works and institutions. In particular, the Foundation promotes measures and activities that are likely to improve the awareness and image of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and his works in society. The foundation also aims to provide development aid in Third World countries and financial support for people in need. The Foundation may also acquire land. In order to achieve its purpose, the Foundation may conclude cooperation and other contracts, participate in companies, outsource operations to companies, take over companies and participations, grant or take out loans, and establish foundations and companies with the same or similar objectives. The Foundation may be active nationally or internationally and may carry out its own projects or support third-party organizations. The Foundation may acquire, manage, encumber and sell real estate. The Foundation is non-profit-making and humanitarian, and is politically and religiously neutral.

Dr. Peter Buser with Queen Silvia of Sweden
on the occasion of the check handover of over CHF 100,000
from the Res Ubique Foundation to the World Childhood Foundation.

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